Creation of Cryptid Crate

The only one of it's kind...

The Creation of Crypitd Crate

Hey, I'm Derek Hayes, artist, host of Monsters Among Us Podcast, and huge fan of cryptozoology, the paranormal, and anything out of the ordinary. When the subscription box craze hit last year, I searched high and low for a cryptid and paranormal themed box, and noticed there aren't any! So, I decided to create my own, not only for me to enjoy, but for others who share the same interests. I knew as an indie artist, I wanted to include other small crafters and artisans in my box. I began reaching out to various artists, authors, and filmmakers that I personally love. With them in mind, I put together a little advertisement on my podcast, and just like that, Cryptid Crate was born. 

Today, our team consists of two people -- myself and my fiancée, Sarah Carter. While I carefully curate the Crates every month, and handle press, and interaction with our vendors, Sarah is head of marketing, social media, and customer care. We carefully pack your crates together every month and work as a team to make the big decisions.

We sincerely hope you have as much fun with this box as we do putting it together. Stay weird, and keep it squatchy.